Closing the Bones 2-day Training with Rocio Alarcon

Closing the Bones
12 October, 2018 @ 09:00 – 13 October, 2018 @ 17:00
The Buddhist Centre
96-98 High Street
Closing the Bones 2-day Training with Rocio Alarcon @ The Buddhist Centre

London Bliss Doulas invite you for this unique training Closing the Bones with Rocio Alarcon in London!!

This 2 day training is for doulas, midwives, healers and women offering postnatal care.

Powerful teacher, ethno-botanist, and skillful healer, Rocio Alarcon brings the indigenous wisdom of the Andes Mountains and the tropical rainforest of Ecuador. Rocío offers the gift of using simple but powerful technique. The intention is to provide a space as a nurturing and supportive environment in which healing can take place on these many levels.

​The closing the bones treatment involves the use of a traditional shawl called a Manta to rock and articulate the mother's hips, followed by a complex abdominal and pelvic girdle massage using a warming oil, and then finished by tightly wrapping the cloth around the woman's hips. The massage stimulates blood flow which in turn; cleans, renews, moves fluids (it may also help with milk supply/lochia), moves hormones, stimulates the immune system, and helps tone muscles and tissues. You will learn that our hips also support the weight of the spine and head and they are therefore the seat of unresolved emotions and trauma, which can be felt upon the hips as crystals, that need to be popped and released during the massage.

Light refreshments will be available throughout the workshop.

Upon registration, you will receive an email confirming your place on this workshop and payment information.

Price of the workshop is £230.

Organized by London Bliss Doulas -

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